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Welcome to Penis Enlargement Guide, your source for the most up-to-date information on doctor-approved methods of Penis Enlargement including pills, patches, and exercises and information regarding dangers of other methods such as penis enlargement pumps and surgery.

For best results, Penis Enlargement Guide recommends combining supplementation of a quality pill (we recommend VigRX) or patch (we recommend Maxiderm) with an exercise program. (we recommend Penis-Health)

However, please study the site and the sites we link to so you are able to make a well-informed decision on which method(s) of male enhancement are best for you.

Top 3 Penis Enlargement Products:

#1 Rated

Penis Enlargement Pill


VigRX Results

Manufactured in a cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) Certified Pharmaceutical facility, VigRX is a practitioner-developed product that has been synergistically formulated to deliver maximum beneficial results. In the exact blend and proportions of VigRX, the effects recorded have been astonishing.

Users of VigRX report the following benefits:

  • Bigger, harder erections on demand.
  • Much better control and mastery of sex life.
  • More powerful, intense orgasms.
  • No more premature ejaculations.

This chart shows sample VigRX test results with four men who used the VigRX program:

In addition to penis length enhancement when aroused, subjects reported increases in girth, mass, and increased performance.

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#1 Rated

Penis Enlargement Patch



Bigger, harder, and longer-lasting results NOW with a discreet little patch

-- Introducing the MaxiDerm patch --
The technology preferred by pharmaceutical companies for transdermal delivery of 100’s of common prescription medications!

Now MaxiDerm is available in this exciting and efficient delivery system.

MaxiDerm power, in a flexible simple-to-use patch

Over a million men have been helped with the potent ingredients in MaxiDerm – men have experienced bigger size, more action, and super-satisfying results for themselves and their partners.

Now you can get all the benefits of MaxiDerm in a continuous-delivery transdermal patch – a simple, pure, long-acting and very effective way to achieve:

: Length gains of up to 3 inches
: Thickness gains to electrifying proportions (your partner will love it!)
: Astonishing hardness
: Amazing stamina
: Improvement in every aspect of sexual performance

Our 100% natural Clinically Proven Formula penetrates transdermally to deliver SIZE AND STUDLINESS in a controlled, time-released, continually beneficial way.

Carefully tested and fully doctor-approved.

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#1 Rated

Penis Enlargement Exercise Program


Penis Health

1-4 inches to your penis can make a massive difference not only for your confidence but also to yours and your partners sex life as well. Our techniques have NOT only been proven to enlarge the penis but they are doctor recommended and researched. Thousands of men have benefited from our exercises which will give you:

  • Permanent penis enlargement - Enlarge girth and length in just a few weeks!
  • Increased semen - Produce more semen and shoot further than ever before!
  • Bigger penis head - created a more mushroomed and muscular look
  • Rock hard erections - Harder than ever before no matter your age.
  • Cure & prevent impotence - Impotence will be a thing of the past.
  • Experience multiple orgasms - Learn how to orgasm, again and again.
  • Increased sexual stamina - You will be able to control when you ejaculate.
  • Curvate straightening - Correct curves in your penis or add a curve.
  • More confidence & better sex - Take her to heights never reached before.

Our program does not end there. We have not even mentioned our new techniques which are working wonders for our customers, these techniques are NOT featured on any other site. A larger, thicker and more muscular penis will completely change your sex life and your confidence will be attractive to the opposite sex. Your current sexual partner will be amazed at the gains you make. Our award winning, researched, tested and doctor recommended program is distinguished from the rest because it works.

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